Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Challenging myself

These days of enforced staying in (promised the kids I won't do anything stupid! as if staying in will prevent that!) However, I really appreciate that it would be stupid to tread on the untreated ice outside the door, although not to speak to soon there are signs of a mini thaw out there. Enough of weather. To get back to the start of this text, staying in has forced me to seek a new challenge, I am tired of everything I have been doing recently, so having ironed loads of painted and dyed silk and browsed through my bookshelves. I realised that the one discipline I have been avoiding is felting. Last year I bought a machine, found a shop in Utrecht with a great supply of material at bargain prices, came home fired up and found a) the machine scared the pants off me and b) I wasn't enamoured of the whole thing. What I was producing didn't look anything like I thought it should.

So, obviously this was what would be my challenge this month, something I am scared of and could take my time over.

I did a couple of brooch sized pieces but felt, no pun intended, that I had to do something bigger that could be embellished to death to cover any failings. I did this piece using a hand felter (still terrified by the speed of the machine) so here's the WIP


  1. Love this felt work,please don't be frightened of your felting machine. You have tackled bigger hurdles in your life! Start with a postcard piece of ready made felt and add your felt tops and small pieces of sheer materials etc on top. Slow hand and steady foot. Do't leave your needles in when you stop just hand turn them out then remove your piece of work. Go for it.
    Best wishes,
    Jane C

  2. Thanks Jane for the encouragement, I will gather up my courage and go for it!