Thursday, 30 September 2010


Fish, my piece to add tothe Felt United 2010 exhibition, I will probably send both this and the embroidered piece I did earlier, submissions start this weekend

Sunday, 26 September 2010

serpents and weirdos

serpents and weirdos
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even the other side of MY rainbow has them. Latest for the
sketchbook project

Friday, 24 September 2010

A bit more done

The sketchbook project is being a little more complicated than I had hoped! The paper in the book is pretty awful to work on especially if one wants to use paint or paste so I have started to use cartridge paper as background, either plain or using CGI of fabric paintings or previous doodles to glue over the flimsy scrapbook pages and then glueing doodles on to the them. Fiddly but worth the effort in the long run.The first page has a cut out so that part of page 3 is visible.

Paige's new image!

Grandaughter Paige started Uni this week and also joined the 'Specials'! she is getting sworn in next Tuesday and is here in her garden giving us a preview of the reasonably long arm of the law!

Friday, 17 September 2010

two pages

two page spread
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This will be folded so that the 5 is on the right and the page is turned to see the doodle. I have decided to take the sketchbook to pieces and make new pages (and not so many!) I have also decided to only post the odd picture now and then and possibly when it's finished and ready to post off to America, to do a montage of favourites.

nice surprise

Have a look at Eden's blog, Draw, Doodle and Decorate. It's always an entertaining read with lots of interesting distractions and by-ways, but this time I am one of those distractions. Eden has put my Rainbow 4 pic in as part of her Zendoodles. Have a cuppa and enjoy the trip!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Christine Coleman

Castle Vale Library Reading Group had the pleasure of welcoming local author, Christine Coleman to their September meeting today and it really was a pleasure! We had been reading her novel "The Dangerous Sports Euthanasia Society" and were keen to hear her talk about how she came to write a book whose heroine is seventy five years old when she is so obviously much, much, younger than that, five years after the book was published!
We heard about her realisation when she was approaching fifty, that it was time to take risks
and discover what she was capable of.
The story is about Agnes, recently widowed, who is dumped in an old people's home by her son
Jack, who has split up with his wife and has a new and demanding partner etc., etc., This means
that Agnes no longer sees her grandchildren (who live with their mother Lucy who also has a troubled relationship) so Agnes decides to escape from the home (by climbing out of the window) and setting off to find her grandchildren. This leads to an hilarious and at the same time moving adventure, during which she invents the Dangerous Sports Euthanasia Society! It would be a shame to spoil the story by saying more. We unanimously enjoyed it.
We then had the pleasure (we seem to have had a lot of pleasure today) to hear Chistine read
passages from and tell us about her new book Paper Lanterns, partly inspired by a cache of love
letters written in China in the 1920's by two separate women to the same man. I can't wait to
start reading it this evening. In the meantime if your appetite is whetted you can find out more
on Christine's website So far I have only briefly scanned the site but look forward to returning to follow the items that have intrigued me on that first visit

Friday, 3 September 2010

rainbow series 4

rainbow series 4
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Latest in the alternative side of the rainbow series

Thursday, 2 September 2010

animal,vegetable or mineral?

animal,vegetable or mineral?
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This is my lavender contribution for the Creative Colour Challenge. It includes 'change' (for Cathy Nichol's September challenge) as I am not at all sure whether it is animal vegetable or mineral, it changes each time I look at it