Saturday, 12 September 2009

two more

Another doodle. Certainly beats watching tv and takes me right back, using watercolour crayons and just letting the pen do the walking. The spirals were of ocourse done in Photoshop. I keep finding new things to play with. Trouble is, without keeping notes, I forget how I got there after a couple of days! I would put it down to age except I was talking to a woman half my age at the printers the other day and she showed me her Photoshop notebook and said she found it impossible to keep it all in her head. So, I have bought me a big notebook and written Photoshop boldly on the cover. All I need to do now is remember to use it. I have managed to put a link to my flickr page on here at last,it wasn't the one I wanted, but at least it works.
I am on the last lap of the project with the children at Wylde Green Library, I haven't posted pictures yet as it's all individual pieces that will be assembled in October. The children are very enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with and can't wait to see the finished item. It's certainly the biggest piece of this kind that I have worked on, 1.3 metrs x 1.2 metrs!
Isn't it ironic that the children go back to school after the summer break (what summer?) and we get gorgeous sunny days? I am not complaining, I love September.

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