Monday, 20 April 2009

getting started

Like many people I have been going through a period of not knowing which direction to take and feeling bereft of any "sparkle" I finished putting the Library Art project together over the last week and will post pictures after the "unveiling" but at present I don't have a date for that event. I finished my "Summer" Scrumble for the competition on Yahoo Freeform Crochet group but again, can't put a picture here until the competition is closed next month.
So, hunting for inspiration, I trawled through my Cloth Paper Scissors magazines for a small project to get me going again. I came across the Debbi Crane's article in the winter '06 issue about making art every day, no matter how busy you are!
She had a wonderful array of mini notebooks in every shape of purse or handbag, depending on where we are coming from.
The two I made this weekend were simple and made from painted paper (blue one) and an unfinished piece of quilted fabric which was originally meant for a PC. The leaves are made from one A4 sheet of paper folded and part cut and glued to the covers. Very simple, quick to do and I can't wait to make some more ambitious designs.

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