Wednesday, 18 February 2009

part 2

I have kept to my resolve to make something "arty"every day, so here are the latest efforts.

The ATCs are going to be made into a book so I have started adding a paper canvas piece so that I can add a cover and have them all in one place.

The needle felting is slowly becoming a more comfortable technique but still leaves a lot to be desired skill wise.

I am loving the relaxing feeling that a return to knitting and crochet has provided. Prudence Mapstone has an amazing website and flickr page where she introduces a "Scrumble" a week among other amazing stuff. A scrumble is a freeform piece of knitting/crochet which is then added to and added to and added to etc., These are just the bases which I will embellish to death. Have a look at her web page to see what I am aiming for. Go on to look at her flickr page too.

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