Monday, 27 June 2011

rainbow fish

rainbow fish
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recently discovered in a far off place


  1. That is a smashing fish, he or she?

  2. Oh how lovely! I really love the details on your fish. This reminds me of some prints I picked up from local Waikiki artist on vacation once.
    Hugs and blessings

  3. I love, love this! Fabulous expression, great colours and great lines. I want him in my goldfish bowl!

  4. Thanks all.. I think he is male, he has a bit of a 'bolshy' look and that tail could do with an iron run over it!

  5. Hi Sheila!

    I tried commenting on you youtube video post, but I couldn't... I thought I'd give this one a try :)

    First off - Your fish is great - I love all of your patterns and especially the finishing polka dots on the tail (It makes the tail look so delicate).

    I couldn't get your youtube link to work, but I did a little searching on their and found your fantastic animated video! Hooray! It is so fun to see your letters set to such perfect music! Your daughter did an amazing job and I'm so glad you included the numbers too :)


    p.s. Here is the youtube link I found:

    You also have a "channel" with your video on it. Here is the link for that one:

  6. Hi Shelia!!

    Just found your blog and i just had to tell you how wonderful your fish is! Love the colors and the doodles! Breathetaking!! Please do pop over to my blog and say hi! Can't wait to see more of your work! Hugs! deb

  7. Hi Sheila,
    I also couldn't make a comment on your alphabet youtube post, so making it here. The animation really brings your letters to life. Absolutely fantastic, you and your daughter are very talented.

  8. Thank you Judy, it has been really amazing to see how Jane animated the letters.
    I am really fed up with google and the lack of communication on their blogs! I am seriously thinking of changing to another server. This has been a problem for weeks now and destroys the whole idea of blogging as a quick and simple way of communicating. Thank you for taking the trouble to find a way out!