Saturday, 15 January 2011


When I was asked to choose a word to inspire me in 2011, the word JOY popped into my head without thinking so... so be it. The other word I actually chose when I did give it some thought was SERENDIPITY so is that a coincidence? tee, hee, I have doodled Joy and put it onto a couple of Photoshopped backgrounds and will be using the word as a theme for a journal


  1. That's a great word!! And what a BeAuTiFuL piece of art you did!! Love that blue background too :D.....wait just looked again, now I can't decide which background I like best....both set it off so wonderfully :D

  2. Love your art!!
    Your use of color is amazing!

  3. I just found your blog tonight and it really 'speaks' to me!! I feel drawn into your work...and I think you are a wonderful and unique artist. (How lovely to be retired from a job that you still enjoy so much 'for fun'...lucky you!!)XXO-