Saturday, 7 August 2010

Trip to Blackpool

Day out in Blackpool with the over fifties! Ann and I packed our umbrellas and boarded the coach to Blackpool at 9 am yesterday. As you can see from the pic the weather was grey and wet and Blackpool was looking very apologetic! However, we had the obligatory fish and chips and a pot of tea freshly cooked for us and delicious too. Walking down Bond Street we saw this "all you can eat" Asian restaurant and collapsed laughing at it's name ! Also in Bond Street we found Johnson's Needlework shop, which made our whole trip worthwhile. The shop is a crafter's paradise... the premises were once a bank and it a warren of rooms and passageways, each one filled to capacity with stuff we hadn't seen for years as well as the latest must haves. We spoke to Susanna whose father owns the shop and is running it for him while he is ill and she is anxious to set up a blog or some means of internet selling and is willing to respond to emails if anyone can't get to the shop but would like to know what's on offer. If you are in Blackpool it's wise to give yourself lots of time to browse (we had to return to the coach too soon) The shop is at 29 Bond St, South Shore, Blackpool and the email address is


  1. Wish I had known about Johnson's. I was in Blackpool in May for a day (alas a Sunday) first time I had ever been...much larger than I thought it would be, I bet there are some interesting charity shops around the back streets.

  2. It was only my 2nd visit to Blackpool so I don't know it at all. However we didn't miss many charity shops on our route we found no treasures, the stuff was predictable and pretty boring. I should have said that Johnsons arent open every day so it would be advisable to email Susanne to check, but the shop is only a few minutes walk from the front and easy to find.

  3. Hi there guys
    Susanna Johnson here from Johnson's Needlework. I thought that the Red Ass and I made Blackpool look fabulous in the photo :0(
    Your textile work is inspirational and I've passed your blog onto my sister who is a fabulous art teacher at a secondary accademy.
    At the moment we're open just 3 days a week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We will be re-opening at least 5 days a week once my father (Aladin himself) is not ill. You'll all be welcome though and I'd be happy to reply to any emails with any information, queries or orders for delivery by mail.
    See you soon at Johnson's (Aladin's Cave)