Saturday, 12 December 2009


These are the best from a very poor selection of photos I took in Zandvoort at the party Abi and Michel gave for Sinterklaas this year. I must have had my camera on the wrong setting or something because the pictures were all over exposed. Izzie and her cousin Haike were a delight to watch as they unwrapped each parcel watched by three Oma's two Opa's one "Oma-Oma" four parents and an uncle and auntie. Everyone had a lovely time. I just hope Sinterklaas didn't put his back out carrying those sacks!

I spent a lovely week with the families in Holland and even though the weather was atrocious we managed a shopping trip to Utrecht as well as our time in Zandvoort. Came down with a stinking cold on my return so have not done anything much since I got back, suddenly 25th Dec seems very,very close!

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