Saturday, 9 May 2009

Sydney Hyperbolic Reef

Since I posted yesterday, several people have emailed me to get more info on the reef.The best way I can explain is not to, but to point everyone interested to the amazing website
Last year was my first introduction to the coral reef crochet when I saw the fantastic one on show at the Knitting & Stitching show at the NEC in Birmingham. I had the opportunity (as did any member of the public) to add my bit and that was the beginning! I am trying to get my mind round how big a reef I can make because where do you put it when it's done? The current pieca is about 20 inches long.
I am finding this super scrumble to be the most fun I have had (in a craft sense of course) for a good while

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  1. I love scrumbling too...with the good intention of using up scraps of yarn but I always seem to need to buy a little more of something. oh, well, it could be worst.
    Take a look at, she posted one of your lovelies in a mosaic.